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Custom High Quality Various PU Car Foot Mat Material

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Leather car mats material are generally composed of tightly woven protein fibers, and it has a special grained surface layer with a natural grain pattern and luster.

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Introduction of Leather Mat Material

Leather car mats have the characteristics of comfort and softness, anti-slip and wear-resisting, which is a kind of cost-effective foot mats. The use of leather foot mats to decorate the car will make the car more beautiful atmosphere, for all models are suitable. Generally speaking, leather refers to the animal skin that has been denatured and not easily decayed by physical and chemical processing such as dehairing and tanning. Made of leather car mats, softness, but also more beautiful and comfortable. And the leather material made of car mats are basically made in accordance with the size of each model, thus the characteristics of the car leather mats is more comprehensive, laid in the car more comfortable, more full. In the use of the time, basically will not occur slippery or shift and so on, reduce the car driving process of safety risks.

Details of Leather Mat Material

1. Bentham produces car leather foot mats with environmentally friendly technical process: no volatile hydrocarbons, such as plasticizers, solvents (toluene) and PVC toxic heavy metals. Protect the health of drivers and passengers.

3. High rebound sponge is used to reduce the weight of the car foot mats while safeguarding the comfort of the driver. The bottom with anti-slip facilities, in the process of driving foot mats will not move or shift.

4. High-quality car leather foot mats, in the process of use will not appear broken phenomenon. With sound insulation, moisture-proof, anti-static, flame retardant and other characteristics.

5. The surface of the car mat material is made of strong and durable leather fabric, multi-layer high-quality environmental protection shock absorption, sound insulation materials, more comfortable feet.

6. Multi-layer waterproof material, stains, oil stains can be clean as new with a damp cloth scrubbing.

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