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Wholesale Cheap Car Silk Ring Foot Mats with Non-slip Bottom

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The silk ring foot mats are different from other foot mats and have their unique characteristics, which are the silk ring is sprayed on the non-slip bottom using the hot melt process, so that the silk ring and the non-slip bottom are firm and not split, and therefore long-lasting.

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Introduction of car silk circle foot mats

Car mats are one of the main parts of car interior, the bottom of the car has a protective role, and the use of other parts of the car accessories can be a good way to enhance auto beauty. Different material foot mats have different characteristics. Compared with the foot mats made of other material, artificial silk circle foot mats are easier to clean. It could be cleaned just by water. When it comes to rain and snow, silk circle floor mats could keep car interior very neat and tidy, and largely avoid the penetration of dirt into the car. In addition, silk ring foot mats cover the dangerous parts of the car, such as screws and sharp corners of parts, which protects the safety of driver.

The silk strip structure of the silk coil foot carpet can effectively control the dust and dirt inside the mats, so the silk coil foot mats have a strong dirt-absorbing ability. And the silk coil foot carpet are not easy to slip the problem, the silk coil foot carpets laid in the car to give people a high-grade feeling. The car special silk circle foot carpet, soft and smooth comfort. Silk spray is tough, shiny and soft to the touch. There are anti-slip nails on the back, the spray silk and the bottom rubber good articulation, spray silk has texture, rules, soft and elastic feel. The back of the uniform distribution of anti-slip soft nails, effective grip on the floor. Folded and pressed quickly rebound, no crease. Therefore, most car owners prefer the environmentally friendly and fashionable silk circle carpet floor mat.

Details of car silk circle foot mats

Item Name Car Silk Circle Foot Mats
Product Name Bensen Leather
Material Artificial PVC Leather
Width 150±2cm
Thickness 8mm-17mm
Size Universal or customized
Function Protect car floor
Design Style Luxury
Type Full set
Feature Waterproof, dust proof, eco-friendly, anti-static, tear- resistant, shrink- resistant etc
Color Black, red, brown, or customized
Backing Non-slip backing
Packing By carton, according to the demand of the customer
MOQ 500m/color
Payment T/T 30% as deposit and 70% before shipment
OEM/ODM Accepted
Delivery Time 2-5 days for sample orders, 7-20 days for customized production
Place of Origin China
pvc coil mat carpet for car (2)
pvc coil mat carpet for car (6)

Advantage of car silk circle foot mats

arror Safe and non-toxic

Bensen uses environmentally friendly PVC material pellets that are free of formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances, healthy and hygienic.

arror Strong flame retardancy

The silk ring foot mats not only have strong fire retardant properties, but also have a strong anti-tear capability, which can be used with confidence.

arror Soft and comfortable

Bensen produces artificial silk coil foot mats with high-density coils that are highly elastic and comfortable to the feet.

arror Easy to clean

Silk-ring foot mats with a unique hollow design that resists dirt and dust. And can be rinsed with water for easy cleaning.

arror Custom size & free cutting

If you have different size and color requirements than those listed above. Please contact our sales customer service.


Q1: Can I request a free sample from you?

A1: Please send an inquiry about the requirements of your customized products and we will give you a free sample that meets your requirements.

Q2: Are your products cheap? What about the quality?

A2: We guarantee that our products are cheap and fine on the premise of the same material and quality.

Q3: Can I chat with you online video and visit your factory workshops and products?

A3: Of course, you are welcome to communicate with us online via Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger and other chat tools.

Q4: Are you a manufacturer or an intermediate trader?

A4: We are a manufacturer of automotive leather in China, and our products include not only silk circle foot mats, but also leather foot mats, TPE foot mats, microfiber leather, suede microfiber leather, car seat cushions, car seat covers and so on.

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