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High Quality Leather Waterproof Floor Car Foot Mat Material

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The current market car leather foot mats material is mostly artificial leather, this material foot mats comfortable and soft, high-end atmosphere, non-slip wear-resistant, is a relatively high cost of car foot mats, is a good choice for the majority of car owners.

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Introduction of Leather Mat Material

Car leather foot mats is a collection of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation, protection of the host carpet five main functions as one of the environmentally friendly car interior parts. Car foot mats belong to the interior decorations, to protect the car car outside the clean, play a beautiful and comfortable role of embellishment. Car foot mats can do the effect of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, can effectively prevent the residual moisture, dirt caused by the sole and clutch, brake and throttle between the slide, to avoid safety hazards, reduce the possibility of the interior being contaminated and damaged. In addition, the car leather footbed cleaning is simple, stains can be wiped clean with a wet towel, you can also rinse through water and dry to use. The thick substrate can stop chassis noise and tire noise, and improve driving comfort.

Details of Leather Mat Material

There are more types of leather, such as PVC leather, PU leather, etc.. Bensen uses the calendering method to make the leather surface layer to ensure uniform color and also to reduce pollution. Identification of leather material identification methods are diverse, can be observed and distinguished from visual, olfactory, tactile and other aspects, leather footbeds are also the same. A high quality leather foot mats, give a refreshing feeling, smell a slight leather smell, but does not affect the health of car owners, while touching is also very comfortable, especially the feet step on, can relieve fatigue.

Bensen uses a quilting method to create the pattern of the leather top layer and uses high resilience foam to add softness and comfort to the footbed. It can be cut to fit perfectly in the cabin space.

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