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The car foot mats produced by Bensen are environmentally friendly, comfortable, breathable and non-slip. You could either provide the model to buy the finished product or purchase the raw materials to make your own at will. Bensen’s car mats are made to minimize the hidden dangers caused by car mats.

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The thick footrest floor mat material prevents chassis noise and tire noise to improve driving comfort. Suede-like car floor mats also completely eliminate remaining noise and sound echoes in the car, ensuring that auditory protection is not compromised. Removable rolled mats make cleaning easy and can also be removed when needed for premium styling.

In addition to this there are Bensen car mats with raised edges to achieve maximum coverage. Bensen car mats are made of rich faux leather finish to give the car a plush appearance, making the interior of the car more elegant and dust-free. Covers the entire foot area up to the door sill, thus reducing the chance of dust seeping into the car's original carpet. 100% waterproof, protecting the car from dust, mud, snow, water and oil. Anti-slip layer provides maximum safety while driving. Driver's seat with molded heel pad. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless. Ultra-lightweight, making maintenance an easy and enjoyable task.

Bensen car floor mats combine water absorption, dust absorption, stain removal and sound insulation, and are made of materials that will not crack or permanently bend, are strong and durable, and support all types of wear and tear. Very soft, smooth, safe and comfortable, Bensen car mats also prevent slippage between the clutch, brake and throttle. Avoid safety hazards.

Comparison of silk ring foot mats and leather foot mats:

Silk ring foot mats Advantages The bottom are non-slip bottom nail, can prevent the use of the process of sliding, while the surface layer is filamentous, can absorb all kinds of dust and mud, strong dirt-absorbing ability, can keep the car clean for a long time, suitable for use all year round. And the silk circle foot mats cleaning is very simple, in the car wash, water gun cleaning can be. So the silk circle foot mats is a safe to use, while easy to take care of the foot mats.
  Disadvantage Relatively high price
Leather foot mats Advantages Stereo feet, waterproof and anti-mold, easy to clean
  Disadvantage Sound insulation is poor compared to the silk ring foot mats

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