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Hot Sale PVC Leather Material for Auto Mats

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Car leather foot mats have the characteristics of dustproof, non-slip and wear-resistant. Used to decorate the car will make your car more beautiful.

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Feature of Car Mats Leather

Leather foot mats, also known as microfiber leather full envelope foot mats, this material consists of natural protein fibers in three-dimensional space closely woven composition, its surface has a special grain surface layer, with a natural grain pattern and luster. This material is comfortable, soft, high-end atmosphere, anti-slip and wear-resistant, is a more cost-effective foot mats. leather foot mats produced by Bensen material surface using high-quality leather raw materials, environmental protection and pollution-free. The sponge used is rebound sponge, comfortable and soft to the touch, not easy to mold, extending the life of the leather foot mats. The bottom of the XPE, to ensure that the footbed does not shift when driving. A variety of colors and patterns are available. If customization is required, please contact us to discuss further.

Advantages of Car Mats Leather

  • The rolls of foot mats are easy to cut and sew, and the MOQ for hot products is at least one roll, and Bensen's own factory has the corresponding production capacity to meet the different needs of large, medium and small processing plants.
  • Bensen car leather foot mats use high rebound sponge, which has good resilience, in addition, the sponge can also increase the softness of the mat material, which makes people have a good experience when driving.
  • Use environmentally friendly leather, no harmful substances are added in the production process, which will not cause harm to people's health.

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