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Various Patterns of Car Floor Mats Raw Material

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Bensen produces a variety of car foot mats material, healthy and environmentally friendly, safe and non-slip.

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Introduction of car floor mat material

Car leather foot mats is a collection of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation, protection of the host carpet five main functions as one of the environmentally friendly car interior parts. Car foot mats belong to the interior decorations, to protect the car car outside the clean, play a beautiful and comfortable role of embellishment. Car foot mats can do the effect of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, reduce the possibility of the interior being contaminated and damaged. Avoid safety hazards because it has a non-slip bottom to prevent the car foot mat from sliding.

Artificial leather car mats have the characteristics of comfort and softness, anti-slip and wear-resisting, which is a kind of cost-effective foot mats. The use of synthetic leather foot mats to decorate the car will make the car more beautiful atmosphere, for all models are suitable. Generally speaking, artificial leather, which is made of various formulations of PVC and PU foam or laminate on a textile or non-woven fabric base. Auto mats made of leather, softness, but also more beautiful and comfortable. And the leather material made of car mats are basically made in accordance with the size of each model, thus the characteristics of the car leather mats is more comprehensive, laid in the car more comfortable, more full. In the use of the time, basically will not occur slippery or shift and so on, reduce the car driving process of safety risks.

Details of car floor mat material


PVC Leather Car Floor Mat Material in Rolls


PVC artificial leather, imitation fur, sponge, XPE or other anti-slip materials, non-woven fabric




0.5 - 1.3cm or customized

Place of Origin


Brand Name

Bensen Leather


Black, red, brown, or customized


Non-woven, knitted fabric


MOQ is 50 meters for products in stock and 500 meters for customized.


50 Meters/ Roll


Car foot mats, trunk floor mats, furniture

Composition of car floor mat material

Car leather foot mats are generally composed of three layers, the surface layer of artificial leather, the middle layer of sponge, and the bottom layer of non-slip material. The selection of the surface layer of leather determines the beauty of the entire car mats, different materials reflect the effect of different leather. Usually leather mats used by the leather for PVC leather, more high-end mats use environmentally friendly PU leather.

  • Surface Layer

Different materials of surface leather have different effects on human body. Under the high temperature environment, poor quality PVC leather will emit pungent odor and endanger the health of drivers and passengers. Bensen holds the concept of environmental protection and health, and produces car mats using environmentally friendly leather as the surface material. Car leather mats are non-toxic, odorless and enhances the beauty of the car.

  • Middle Layer

The middle layer is mainly filled by the sponge, different quality of the sponge will affect the service life of the foot pad. Quality of the sponge is better, the life of mat will be relatively longer. Sponge mainly function as shaping, waterproof and sound insulation. Different materials of sponge will lead to different touch. Bensen uses high resilience sponge as the middle layer of the car leather foot mats, which can make a soft touch, and at the same time ensure that the original shape can be restored under prolonged pressure, and will not produce dents and other situations.

  • Bottom Layer

The bottom layer plays an anti-slip role, you can choose XPE anti-slip material or other types of anti-slip measures to prevent the displacement of the foot pad during the driving process, to protect the safety of driving.

Feature of car floor mat material

1. Waterproof and stain resistant, stains will not leave traces on the surface of the foot mat.

2. Easy to clean, just wipe with a wet towel can be clean as before.

3. Durable, long service life, usually could reach 5-10 years.

4. Easy and convenient to install, by measuring and cutting directly into the car can be placed.

5. Anti-slip/anti-slip, the bottom has anti-slip settings, to maximize the safety of your driving.

6. Scratch resistant. The scratch resistance of vegan leather makes it more practical in daily use.

7. Perfect floor protection. Due to the presence of vegan leather, the noise is reduced and the floor is completely protected. It also enhances the feeling of happiness while driving.


Q1. What are the payment terms?

A1: For the first time cooperation, we accept T/T 30% as deposit and 70% before shipment. We will update you the production dynamic in real time after we receive the advance payment, and we will provide the logistics bill number, products and photos of packaging after we receive the final payment.

Q2. What is the delivery time?

A2: For products in stock will be shipped within 3 days, production generally takes about 7-15 days to complete, for custom products need more time for production. The exact delivery time depends on the size of the order quantity, we will try to shorten the time required for production under the condition of quality assurance.

Q3. Can you produce according to samples?

A3: Yes, we can produce according to your samples or technical drawings, and will provide you with confirmation samples for your reference of quality and details before proceeding to large production.

Q4. What is your sample policy?

A4: Stocked goods free samples can provide, and custom products need to pay the sample fee, freight paid by you. Hoping you could understand.

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