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High Quality Auto Microfiber Leather with Competitive Price

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Bensen’s microfiber leather has high abrasion resistance, comfort and tensile strength. Since Bentham has its own factory, it is able to offer more competitive prices and higher quality products. For more details about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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Bensen's microfiber leather forms a structure similar to that of leather collagen fibers. The polyurethane distributed around the fibers makes the entire synthetic leather base fabric form a single unit. And it forms a micro-fine permeable three-dimensional network.


The difference between microfiber leather and natural leather:

1. The appearance of the two is not exactly the same. Careful observation of the surface of natural leather will find clear pores and natural texture, but the surface of microfiber leather does not have no pores, and has a more regular and rough texture.

2. The weight of the two is not the same. Natural leather is generally heavy, its weight generally reaches 0.6 above, but the weight of microfiber leather is relatively light, probably less than or equal to 0.5.

3. The smell of the two also has a big difference. Natural leather is animal skin, there will be smell or even odor, in the production process because of the process will also produce a more pungent smell, but microfiber leather belongs to artificial leather, basically no smell, poor quality microfiber leather will have a plastic smell, but Bentham's microfiber leather will not appear this problem.

4. The performance of the two is not consistent. Natural leather and microfiber leather have good comfort and breathability, but compared with natural leather, microfiber leather has better abrasion resistance and anti-aging properties.

Auto upholstered leather
Automotive decoration material

Why Choose Us

High quality pu leather for shoes, competitive price / good after-sale servic /10 years manufacturing experience.


1. Do you have MOQ for the color shown in the link?
No, MOQ for the regular stock available items, you can order per your requested quantities. For customized color material there will be a 300 yards MOQ.

2.Can I get the free samples?
Yes, FREE SAMPLES would be provided, we appreciated for your understanding that the freight charge will be collected.

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