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Automotive Microfiber Synthetic Leather In Peanut Butter Color Collection

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Bensen is specialized in supplying high quality faux leather for the automotive market and we have a large stock of colors/textures/patterns to enable you to receive your goods in the shortest possible time.

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Introduction of Microfiber PU Leather

Microfiber leather is short for PU microfiber leather. The surface layer of microfiber synthetic leather consists of environmentally friendly polyurethane, which forms a surface pattern close to natural leather. Its bottom is made of microfiber staple, a material with a cross-sectional diameter of only 1% of a human hair, and it is made by carding and needling processes with a three-dimensional structural network of non-woven fabrics, which structure is very similar to that of genuine leather. As an environmentally friendly synthetic leather, microfiber vegan leather is an artificial leather with performance closest to that of genuine leather in all aspects, and even surpasses it in some aspects, such as cleanability and abrasion.

Auto leather is commonly made by wet processing, PU resin soaking, alkali reduction, grinding and dyeing, etc. Due to different processes, the leather produced differs in thickness, color brightness, surface effect and hand feel, etc. Bensen uses calendering method to make microfiber leather, which ensures uniform coloring and thickness of the leather without excessive color difference and varying thickness. We take environmental protection and health as our concept, no harmful substances are added to both custom leather and hot leather, and we provide the most competitive price based on quality assurance.

Like natural leather, the density of microfiber is so high that it acts like one or more ultra-fine pores, allowing water vapor and heat to pass through. Due to its high air permeability, it has the function of heat dissipation and insulation. The nylon structure of the microfiber maintains permeability in air and humidity. It has the same functions as premium leather. However, microfiber is incomparable to natural leather in terms of chemical resistance, quality stability, processing adaptability and mildew resistance. No matter what brand of microfiber, the domestic production of microfiber leather has now reached stability. In addition, due to the influence of animal protection association and the development of technology, the performance and application of polyurethane microfiber synthetic leather has exceeded that of natural leather.

Advantage of Microfiber Synthetic Leather

  • Easy cleaning.

Vehicle microfiber leather surface with PU coating, waterproof and stain resistant. When juice or coffee is spilled, we just use a paper towel to wipe it clean in time. Stubborn stains using a wet towel repeatedly wipe, it will be as clean as the original leather.

  • Abrasion and high tensile strength.

Compared with PVC leather, microfiber leather used for car seats or other parts of car interiors has higher wear resistance, high tear and tensile strength. Bensen's 1.4mm thick microfiber leather has been tested to withstand tear strengths of up to 87N, meaning that ordinary tearing will not cause substantial damage to the leather.

  • Good air permeability and aging resistance.

Bensen's microfiber car leather has a similar structure to natural leather, all three-dimensional mesh structure, which can maintain good air permeability, the driver will not feel wet and stuffy after a long drive. Due to the difference in process, automotive microfiber leather has better anti-aging properties.

  • Cold resistance, comfortable hand feeling.

Microfiber leather can be repeatedly bent up to 30,000 times under -20℃ environment. When in a cold climate, microfiber leather does not become hard and fragile, and can maintain a soft feel and comfortable touch. In the case of high temperature, microfiber leather will not emit odor harmful to human health. Microfiber leather is an all-season automotive leather and suitable for most countries' climate.

  • Wide range of colors and patterns.

Bensen stocks auto microfiber leather in 20+ colors, and we can send you samples for color, pattern and quality if you need them. Of course, we accept custom products, please contact us for details.

Details of Microfiber Vegan Leather

Product Name: Auto Microfiber Leather
Material: Nylon + PU
Backing: Microfiber
Color: Peanut Butter Color or customized
Width: 137cm
Thickness: 0.6mm - 1.4mm
Usage: Car seat, Steering wheel,Door panel etc.
MOQ: Microfiber PU leather in stock is 30 meters, customized is 500 meters
Packing: Roll packing, 30 meters per roll.
Place Of Origin: China
Brand Name: Bensen

Microfiber Leather Detail Pictures

polyurethane coated leather
Auto Upholstery Leather
Vehicle microfiber leather

Applications of Bensen Automotive Microfiber Leather

  • Seat covers.
  • Vehicle doors.
  • Steering wheel covers.
  • Car roof/headliner.
  • Armrest.
  • Headrest.

Why choose us

1. OEM manufacturing: Accepted, can customize logo, packaging, graphics, etc. Please contact us for more details.

2. MOQ: For microfiber leather with stock, MOQ is one roll, hot colors and patterns are usually in stock. The product book will be sent after we receive your inquiry.

3. Bensen has a professional team to serve you 7*24, we will reply to any questions within 24 hours, Bensen specializes in the automotive industry for decades and can provide you with professional solutions and advice.

4. About the product: For customized products, we will send samples for you to confirm the material, size and other details before the big goods are made. When you place an order, we will update you the production status in time, and after delivery, we will continuously track the logistics information to know that you receive the goods on time. For non-customized products, we will send you free samples for your reference of quality and confirmation of color. It would be helpful if you could give us a feedback when you receive the goods.

5. After-sales service: If you find any problem with the goods, please contact us in time, we will solve the problem for you seriously and responsibly.

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