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Eco-Friendly Automotive Microfiber Suede Leather for Seat

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Automotive interior fabrics have more stringent requirements in terms of anti-fouling, flame retardant, anti-static, sunlight resistant, easy to clean, etc. In the seats, steering wheel and other parts in contact with the human body require comfort and beauty and durability.

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This material has a sense of class that is not inferior to leather, but also has a coefficient of friction that is unmatched by leather. When used in the seat, it can prevent the driver's body from sliding with the seat when driving aggressively, providing the driver with a better driving experience, at the same time, this type of material also has strong wear resistance and flame retardant, such as non-deliberate destruction, this material almost does not exist any signs of aging, this material in the winter warmth and summer cool at the same time more lightweight.

Compared with ordinary fabric or leather fabric, the color is more full, visual sense of high-grade, has a very delicate and gentle touch, more highlight the sense of luxury, in addition to alcantara replacement material durability than leather, high coefficient of friction, especially suitable for use in the seat, the basic daily use will not appear wear and tear. Even from time to time with the metal material contact is still bright as new. Stain resistance is very strong (with a rag gently can wipe off coffee or juice), fire resistance performance is better than natural leather.

1. Soft touch, luxurious texture.

2. Strong color fastness, not easy to fade, with a variety of delicate colors.

3. Possess comfortable breathability and easy care cleaning.

4. Suitable for a variety of products and uses, such as car roofs, car seats, car steering wheels, etc.

5. Has the function of warm in winter and cool in summer.

6. Water-based products, to achieve real harmless to human health.


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