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Microfiber Suede Eco Synthetic Leather in Roll for Automotive Interior

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The microfiber suede produced by Bensen has no DMF in the environmental test. It belongs to the full water-based products, truly no harm to human health, no pollution to the environment.

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Introduction of Microfiber Suede Leather

Natural suede has a good feel, and the microfiber suede provided by Bensen has almost the same feel as natural suede, and the process improvement makes the abrasion resistance higher than that of natural suede, with a longer service life and better care. In addition, compared with other leather materials, microfiber suede is lighter, which can reduce the weight of the body and enhance the driving experience.

Advantage of Microfiber Suede Leather

1. Strong stain resistance, easy to clean. Coffee and juice stains could be wiped away with a wet paper towel.

2. Good wear resistance. There is basically no wear and tear in daily use, and even when rubbing with metal substances, it could be kept clean without significant wear marks.

3. Air permeability is good. Bensen Suede leather is made of microfiber, which guarantees its good breathability due to the special structure.

4. Driving experience feels better. In the process of high-speed driving, the microsuede leather has a large frictional nature, thus preventing the driver's body from sliding.

5. The color is fuller than PU leather, and the visual effect is comparable to that of leather. The visual effect is stronger than PU leather in specific color combinations.

Product Application Picture

Faux Suede Fabric 4
Faux Suede Fabric 3


How should I know if the cars seat is suitable for me?
You can tell me the model of you car, we can give you the ones that suit your car.

If you provide OEM service?
Yes, we can provide OEM service. We also print your logo according to your demands.

How should I install the cars seat covers?
We will give you installation guide. You can do it easily?

How should I do the payment?
About payment, we accept bank transfer, Western Union. L/C

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