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Excellent Quality Auto Suede Fabric PU Microfiber Leather

Short Description:

Suede is made of microfiber and has a soft surface.

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Polyester microfiber, also known as superfine denier. (Denier is the fiber fibre unit, one gram of 9000 meters long silk is denier, the fibre unit of silk is 1.1 denier). Because it is finer than traditional fibers, it has a fluffier, softer feel than ordinary fibers and can overcome the shortcomings of natural fibers that are easily wrinkled and man-made fibers that are not breathable. In addition, it also has a warm, non-moldy, insect-free, lightweight, waterproof and many other irreplaceable excellent characteristics.


Care and Maintenance.

1. Machine washable in cold water, recyclable.

2. Use mild detergent, do not use bleach.

3. Tumble dry or sun dry.

4. If you need to iron, be sure to use a padded cloth and iron gently at low temperature.

6. Regular dry cleaning methods are available.


Alcantara Replacement 2
Alcantara Replacement 3

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