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BPA Free Automotive Custom Car Floor Mats Material

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The car foot mats are comfortable and durable, with a good elasticity of the surface leather, more relaxed and comfortable for a long time driving. super tough XPE material, environmental protection, odorless, but also to prevent high-intensity wear and tear, durable.

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Strength of Leather Car Floor Mats

Car leather foot mats are generally composed of three layers, the surface layer of leather, the middle layer of sponge, and the bottom layer of non-slip material. The selection of the surface layer of leather determines the beauty of the entire car mats, different materials reflect the effect of different leather, the usual leather mats used by the leather for PVC leather, more high-end mats use environmentally friendly PU leather. In the high temperature environment, PVC leather will emit pungent odor and affect the health of drivers and passengers, Bensen adheres to the concept of environmental health, the production of car mats using environmentally friendly PU leather as raw materials. Compared with other car foot mats, leather foot mats are more beautiful and atmospheric, but different materials of the surface layer on the human body's impact is not the same. The middle layer mainly plays the function of shaping, waterproof and sound insulation. The middle layer is mainly filled by sponge, different quality of sponge determines the service life of the foot mats, the better the quality of the sponge, the higher the comfort of the foot mats, and the service life will be relatively longer. High resilience sponge to ensure that under the long time pressure can also be restored to the original state, will not produce dents and other situations occur. The bottom layer plays an anti-slip role, you can choose XPE anti-slip material or other types of anti-slip measures to prevent the displacement of the foot pad during the driving process, to protect the safety of driving.

Details of Leather Car Floor Mats

- High-quality environmental protection leather. The leather used in Bensen's production of foot mats is high-end environmentally friendly leather, which has good wear resistance and water and dirt resistance.

- High-density rebound sponge. The sponge plays a role in increasing the softness of the foot mat, reducing noise when driving, as well as support. The sponge used by Bensen is high-density rebound sponge, which can achieve the effect that other sponges can not reach.

- A variety of anti-slip equipment. The bottom has a variety of anti-slip design, you can tell us your preferences by email, we will recommend the most suitable foot pad material for you.

Product Application Pictures:

car floor cover
car mat

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