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Car seat cover is a more important part of the car interior, comfortable car seat cover will enhance the owner’s happiness during the driving process. If you need please let us know the model and we will provide you with more details.

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Car seat covers are a major consumer product for car owners. It is important to choose the comfortable and suitable car seat covers according to the season. Now there are automotive seat covers made of leather, microfiber leather, artificial leather, nylon, chemical fiber, artificial wool, polyester wool and other various materials.

Name Automotive Grade Imitation Leather Car seat covers
Material artificial leather
Fabric silk fabric
Inner material Fagopyrum tataricum
Brand Bensen
Size 76 x 21 x 51cm; 5 Kilograms for 1PC
Origin China

1. With anti-slip backing, Benson car seat cover would stay in the original position when you get in and out of the car to improve the feeling of use.
2. Easy to install, Benson car seat could be directly removed, without replacing the car seat by dismantling the seat, the installation instruction manual is accompanied by the product sent, any problems encountered in the installation Benson professional team will solve for you in time.
3. Reasonable design, in the front of the car seat cover on both sides are incomplete coverage, thus it is able to maintain enough area so that in case of emergency airbags could be popped up in time to protect the safety of the car occupants. In Benson's product making concept, safety is always in the first place.
4. Easy to clean, Benson car seats made of artificial leather, with waterproof and wear-resistant characteristics, when there are stains on the seat cover, such as mud, food residue, liquid, etc., with a wet towel or wet paper towels can be easily cleaned.
Why choose us.

With over 10 years of experience in producing leather fabrics for automotive interiors, Benson is able to solve most of the problems you face.
Benson has its own factory, which could produce customized products according to your requirements
Benson's leathers have passed national technical tests and have high quality and competitive prices.
Benson has a professional team and perfect after-sales service to solve all your questions in time.
Q1: How do I know if the car seat is right for me?
A1: You can tell me the model of your car, and we can give you the model that fits your car.
Q2: Do you provide OEM service?
A2: Yes, we can provide OEM service. We can also print your logo according to your requirements.
Q3: How should I install the car seat cover?
A3: We will give you the installation guide, you can easily follow the installation guide to finish the car seat cover installation

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