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What are the car decoration materials

Since the birth of the first real automobile, it has been more than 130 years. With the continuous development and progress of automobile technology and performance, the design of automobile interior and the application of materials are also constantly changing and upgrading. If the shape is the image and appearance of the car, the interior reflects the character and connotation of a car. So, the development of the automobile so far, what changes have taken place in the materials of the interior, and what new materials have been applied to the automobile?

Nappa Leather

In the early stage of automobile development, the industrial level was low, and the variety of artificial synthetic materials was relatively rare. Therefore, natural materials were first used in automobiles, one of which was natural leather. In the early days, the top calfskin, or Nappa leather as it is known today, was widely used in car seats. The top layer of cowhide is also recognized as the most luxurious and noble decorative materials. Industrial advances, the proliferation of artificial materials and the decline in the number of calves raised for food have resulted in today's low-end cars carrying less expensive topcoat leather and using cheaper artificial leather or fabric instead.

Solid wood

Solid wood material is also used in the early car interior one of the main natural decorative materials. However, different from the application of Nappa leather, solid wood with its bright color, texture of grain has been used in the instrument panel, door interior panel and steering wheel configuration and other positions, collocation of cold steel body has more vitality and atmospheric style. In the commonly used automotive wood, walnut, black chicken wing wood, mahogany and other precious wood because of its rare and luxurious, is often carried in high-end vehicles.


Plastic, enamelling (PU,PVC,ABS,PP)

Plastic material is the most widely used material in vehicles at present, almost every car can find plastic figure. Common plastic materials are mainly divided into four categories: soft polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylonitrile/butadiene/styreneterpolymer (ABS), polypropylene (PP). According to the molecular structure and thermal properties of the resin, plastic is also divided into thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics. Most of the plastics commonly used in automobile interiors are thermoplastics. Among them, the enamel material commonly used in the instrument panel is a kind of plastic, also known as the coating cementing type, which uses PVC and ABS material, and then inject some PU foam to enhance the resilience. Car door inner plate is made of ABS or modified PP material injection molding. The steering wheel is generally made of semi-rigid PU foam plastic, while the steering wheel is covered with resin materials such as PP, PU, PVC, ABS and so on.

Metal (Chromium)

In the interior of the car, metal is also an indispensable element, a large number of models are used to decorate the cars with chrome trim strips and brushed chrome metal trim panels. Metal decoration only to using at first, the car is beautiful, with an increasing number to use, good heat resistance, the advantages of small friction coefficient gradually revealed, at the same time, the chromium plating decoration can keep for long finish, it is not easy to wear and corrosion, which is why rub repeatedly pulling of the hands of the door handle with chrome plating coverage.

Nylon fabric

After World War II, nylon began to appear and be used in car decoration together with other materials. Since the 1950s, PVC coated fabrics have been widely used in clothing, home furnishings and car interiors. Because this material can be processed into a variety of different colors, and can be surface molded to achieve different texture effects, so it was a relatively fashionable composite textile material at that time.


Artificial leather

Artificial leather is the product of industrial progress, in today's car interior, with its physical properties and feel close to leather, and economic and durable, often used to replace leather to use. In the common artificial leather, according to the different fiber fabric used on the different coating materials, divided into: PVC leather, PU leather, super fiber PU leather, etc., in order to be suitable for different use environment. Among them, PVC leather, which has a hard feel, poor comfort and aging resistance, has been gradually phased out, replaced by PU leather, which has a softer feel and stronger durability. It is widely used at present. In the middle and high-end models, PU leather is the currently popular car seat and interior fabric. Because its physical properties and feel are closest to genuine leather, and it is more economical and durable, it is welcomed by the market.

Microfiber suede leather

It is a kind of suede imitation leather, commonly known as "flip fur". In the 1970s, Toray Corporation of Japan used 68% polyester and 32% poly (ethyl carbamate) to synthesize fiber materials, which belong to synthetic materials. Microfiber suede leather's biggest advantage is that it has an exceptionally high coefficient of friction and rarely skids during heavy driving, which makes it ideal for wrap-around steering wheels or sports seats, a feature that is especially important in high-performance cars. At the same time, the fabric is much lighter than leather, which greatly reduces the vehicle quality.


The carbon fiber

The first carbon fiber material used in car interior is to promote the sense of movement of supercar. The reason is that carbon fiber material is made of composite fiber with high carbon content, which can not only make the body lightweight, but also strengthen the strength of the body. Cars using carbon fibre weigh only a fifth as much as ordinary steel cars but are more than 10 times harder. That's why supercars and performance cars use carbon fiber.


The crystal

Crystal material is qualitative nearly two years ability is used in car interior among, in relative airtight, narrow space car interior, crystal simple sense gives a person with connect fully, relaxed and luxurious feeling, to consumer, especially female consumer, having great attraction. The crystal stopper of the new BMW X5 is crystal clear, which shines brightly in the sunlight and becomes the biggest highlight in the car. At the same time, the use of crystal material, but also greatly enhance the vehicle's sense of texture and luxury.

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