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Bensen’s microfiber leather has high abrasion resistance, comfort and tensile strength. Since Bensen has its own factory, it is able to offer more competitive prices and higher quality products. For more details about our products, please feel free to contact us.

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Bensen's microfiber leather forms a structure similar to that of leather collagen fibers. The polyurethane distributed around the fibers makes the entire synthetic leather base fabric form a single unit. And it forms a micro-fine permeable three-dimensional network.

For why choose microfiber leather in the car interior, there are the following points.

First of all, microfiber leather is a comprehensive performance is better: microfiber leather appearance quality realistic, good elasticity, soft texture as well as beautiful texture, also has a cold, wear-resistant, tear-resistant and aging resistance and other excellent quality. In addition also has good air permeability, while anti-fog performance is also under the excellent points. Previously in the use of PU leather, in order to ensure breathable, often need to be solved by punching, but this will destroy the strength of the synthetic, and easy to use deformation and reduce the service life. The use of microfiber leather is not to destroy the premise of the leather to do the same or even more excellent comfort.

Second, the C-class car cushion often has two important performance requirements. The first is shaped, requiring the sitting parts such as legs and hips, to be better shape, size of the material memory, microfiber leather to meet this requirement, microfiber has a very good molding. The second is that the senior car requires adjustable temperature, so that the car occupants do not feel too cold when sitting in the cold; when it is hot, and can breathe and cool down, PU leather and leather class are very difficult to do this effect, microfiber leather can be adjusted according to the environment and has a certain comfort function.

Again, the microfiber leather has excellent performance of softness and hardness and molding, and has good wrapping stiffness. For example, it can wrap well according to the shape of car parts such as cushion, armrest, etc. It is not easy to wrinkle, stretch and deformation, and the appearance of grain seam reasonably looks very regular, clear and smooth. In addition, compared with traditional PVC leather, microfiber has better environmental performance, high quality microfiber leather without other synthetic leather obvious smell or controversial substances, can be a good alternative to natural leather to maintain the ecological environment as well as to protect the East Wei.

Finally, microfiber leather has a colorful texture, and the combination of appearance design can meet the diversity of automotive interior requirements.

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