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Automotive microfiber leather seat making tutorial

As people demands for car interior space is getting higher and higher, more and more people choose to replace cloth seats with microfiber leather seats, this can also be called a refurbished, is actually the car interior space is in a different tone, make our life more comfortable, but now auto interior space design cannot meet the personalized needs of people. Bensen produces microfiber leather for cars with diversified and personalized services. The steps of Bensen manufacturing seats are described below:


① Seat remove

1.Before disassembly, necessary protective measures should be taken for the vehicle to avoid damage to the vehicle;

2. First disconnect the power supply of the car (for our safety);

3.In order to facilitate the disassembly of the front seats, we should first adjust the seat position accordingly;

4.Remove the fixing bolt, pry open the screw cover and unscrew the screw;

5.Determine the position of bolts and buckles and remove them with professional tools;

6.The disassembled interior accessories should be well protected and placed in boxes or shelves.

7.If the front seat has an electric switch, unplug the wiring before disassembly;

8.Complete the disassembly and remove the front seat;

9.Remove the middle row and back row seats according to the same procedure;

10.Remove the seat and take out the sponge pad in the next step. The skeleton, sponge, and leather were separated.


② Sample drawing

1. Before drawing the sample, first mark with number, upper and lower, front and rear, left and right leather/seat, etc. To mark: it is convenient to do not know when drawing this piece of leather is from which part;

2. Decompose the marked seat cover step by step with a knife;

3. Analyze the leather of the seat cover and draw a gourd on the card paper with a pencil. This step is called by people in the industry (making version); Then in the card drawing according to the pencil line with scissors cut out; This sample drawing is finished.


③ Splicing

Cut the skin this step is relatively simple, according to the paper we have done to imitate:

1. First, put the card paper on the leather and draw the corresponding template with chalk;

2. Use a knife to decompose the microfiber leather;


④ Stitching

1. Suture the seat cushion part and the backrest part in a classified manner, and suture in strict accordance with the counterpoint marks of the leather to ensure the integrity of the suture;

2. For the superfine fiber seat leather pressing line, according to the design requirements, in order to increase the suture strength of the position of the internal pressing line and the appearance of the surface, add an inner liner to the position of the suture line and press the line on the surface;

3. Sew the front, side and bottom of the seat cover. The front part of the suture method of the headrest sleeve is the same as that of the seat cover, but because the headrest sleeve is in closed three-dimensional shape, it needs to be covered on the headrest when it is closed, and the closing position should be stitched manually.


⑤ Packaging

This step is mainly about the good personality modification of the table and chair covers, how we should be wrapped and installed.

Tool preparation: snap pliers, material strips, steel wire, nails, plastic strips; before installation, first of all, the seat cushion cover back lining installation; then the seat cushion cover will be installed to the seat cushion sponge, the lining of.

Before installation, first the seat cushion cover back lining installation; then the seat cushion cover will be installed to the seat cushion sponge, the rubber strip of the lining should correspond to the good sponge seat cushion, with C-type nail card fastening positioning; finally, the edge of the seat cushion cover to snap the snap fastening seat cushion skeleton.


⑥ Seat trim

Tools needed: heat blower.

Wrapped microfiber leather seats use hot air to heat the microfiber leather at high temperatures to make the maximum repair of the creases; further refine and trim the seat to perfection and a more comfortable experience.


The car microfiber leather seat transformation tutorial is shown above. If you have any questions, please contact us and our professional team will reply within 24 hours.

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