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Red Microfiber Suede Synthetic Goat Imitation Suede Cars Leather

Short Description:

Microfiber diameter is very small, so its bending stiffness is very small, the fiber feel is particularly soft.

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1. Soft touch, luxurious texture.
2. Strong color fastness, not easy to fade, with a variety of delicate colors.
3. Possess comfortable breathability and easy care cleaning.
4. Suitable for a variety of products and uses, such as car roofs, car seats, car steering wheels, etc.
5. Has the function of warm in winter and cool in summer.
6. Water-based products, to achieve real harmless to human health.

The color shift may vary depending on the angle or direction you look at the material, this is because the material has the direction of the pile, not a color shift issue.

Please note that color migration may occur if dark fabrics are paired with white or light colored fabrics.

Suede is made of microfiber and has a soft surface. Repeated prolonged rubbing may cause the fleece to rise or the material to tear.

The surface is a microfiber fleece creating a unique smooth texture. High temperatures can damage or burn.


Faux Suede Car Fabric 1
Faux Suede Car Fabric 4
Faux Suede Car Fabric 2
Faux Suede Car Fabric 3

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