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Breathable Double Side Faux Suede for Automotive Interiors

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Bensen is an eco-friendly faux suede manufacturing factory that can provide a wide range of styles and colors of faux suede. Compared with genuine leather, faux suede has better abrasion resistance, water resistance, stain resistance and air permeability. It is one of the best choices for your car decoration.

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Faux suede is not leather, but it does have many advantages. First of all, in terms of weight, leather is heavy, but the weight of faux suede is 30% to 40% less than the weight of leather, which can help to lighten the requirements of the car. Secondly, in terms of processing and production, the raw material of genuine leather is scarce and it is destructive to the ecological environment, but the imitation suede is a product that can effectively improve the protection of the ecology by making the feel and texture of the product by artificial means, and on the other hand, the imitation suede made by Bensen is made of environmentally friendly material that can effectively reduce pollution.

Characteristics of faux suede

1. Faux suede is an environmentally friendly product with no irritating odor and no harmful fumes.

2. Imitation suede is made by multiple preparation techniques, which has better elasticity and stronger tear strength.

3. Imitation suede has excellent water resistance and good warmth, better cleaning and care.

4. Double-sided fleece has better anti-slip, in the process of high-speed driving can ensure that the driver's position to remain intact.

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