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The full name of microfiber leather is microfiber-reinforced PU leather, which is coated with PU coating on the basis of a base fabric composed of microfiber.

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Introduction of Microfiber Leather

Microfiber leather is the abbreviation of microfiber polyurethane synthetic leather. It is the third generation artificial leather after PVC artificial leather and PU synthetic leather. The difference with PVC leather and PU microfiber leather is that the base fabric is microfiber, not ordinary knitted fabric or woven fabric. Its essence is a kind of non-woven fabric, however, fineness is only 1/20 or even lower than that of ordinary non-woven fabrics. Because of its ultra-fine fiber, and the impregnation of high quality polyurethane resin, it completely simulates the structure of natural leather, and is closer to natural leather in terms of fiber structure, so the microfiber leather produced by Bensen has more excellent properties that ordinary PU/PVC synthetic leather does not have.

Bensen's microfiber artificial leather is comfortable, beautiful, warm, breathable, with good drape and fullness, and significantly improved in hydrophobicity and stain resistance, using the characteristics of large specific surface area and softness can be designed with different tissues to make it more absorb sunlight heat or more quickly dissipate body temperature to play the role of winter warmth and summer cool.

Advantage of Microfiber Leather

arror Real leather feel

arror Excellent hydrolysis resistance, aging resistance

arror Outstanding abrasion resistance, high tear strength, tensile strength etc.

arror Very good uniformity, high dimensional stability, easy cutting and sewing

arror Anti-bacteria, anti-odour

arror Excellent chemical properties

arror Lightness

arror Breathability

arror Waterproof

arror Eco-friendly

arror Washable

arror More

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