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0.6mm – 1.4mm Microfiber Synthetic Leather for Automotive Upholstery Leather

Short Description:

1.2mm microfiber leather for automobiles, with soft handfeel and fine surface.Light weight, 30% lighter than natural leather, meet the light weight design demands and fuel economy.

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Quick details of microfiber synthetic leather

Material Nylon + PU
Backing Technics Nonwoven
Pattern Embossed
Width 54/55"
Use Car Seat, Car, Seat covers. Vehicle doors. Vehicle penal. Dash board. Steering wheel covers. Car roof. Headrest. Interior cars upholstery. Armrest
Color Black, Brown, Grey, more than 50 colors
Feature Waterproof, Anti-Mildew, Abrasion-Resistant
Thickness 0.6mm - 2.0mm
MOQ 500 meters
Place of Origin China


Introduction of microfiber synthetic leather

No matter what brand of microfiber, now the domestic production of microfiber leather has reached stability. In addition, due to the influence of the animal protection society and the development of technology, the performance and application of polyurethane microfiber synthetic leather has surpassed that of natural leather. At the 2006 World Cup in Germany, match balls and Beckham's football shoes have been made of microfiber leather. No more kangaroo skins. At present, more and more domestic leather products are made of microfiber leather, such as high-grade car seats made of microfiber, family sofas, microfiber leather shoes, sports shoes and other leather products, microfiber products have been deeply into people's life.

Like natural leather, the microfiber is so dense that it acts as a super fine pore or pores, allowing water vapor and heat to pass through. Because of its high air permeability, it has the function of heat dissipation and heat preservation. The nylon structure of microfiber can maintain permeability in air and humidity. It has the same function as advanced leather. But the microfiber in the chemical resistance, quality stability, processing adaptability and mildew resistance and other aspects are natural leather can not be compared.

Features of microfiber synthetic leather

1. Tear resistance, tensile strength, wear resistance are beyond genuine leather. Normal temperature bending to 200 thousand times without crack,

2. Cold resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, no fade.

3. Excellent physical properties and waterproof solution.

4. Light weight, soft and breathable. Smooth and good to the touch.

5. The surface effect can be consistent with genuine leather.

6. Uniform thickness, neat and no wear cutting surface, leather surface utilization rate is higher than genuine leather.

7. Does not contain eight heavy metals, AZO AZO and other harmful substances to human body.

Pictures of microfiber synthetic leather

cars leather-18
cars leather-17
cars leather-19

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